Nikole Hintz-Lyon MS, LPC-S, NCC

CEO | Clinical Director| Clinician

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Hi there!
I am blessed to be able to work with incredible humans everyday that allow me to hold space with them while I support and cheer them on, in whatever journey or goal  they may have. I believe that every human at the core long for two things, to belong and feel connection.  
Healing and growing is hard stuff! It takes a courageous brave human to work through pain in order to be willing to grow, learn, and do better. Healing takes time and is really a spectrum that looks different for every person. It often does not feel safe, or comfortable. Know though friend, being uncomfortable is a good thing. You can't grow in comfort! As one of my favorite life teachers the late Dr. Maya Angelou said,

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."
 It is a beautiful thing to witness a human that chooses, courage over comfort. To see them be able to finally feel  free of bondage, feel connection, & hope. To believe deep into their bones that they DO matter and belong!  I am reminded each day what a privilege & honor it is to witness brave, courageous souls, that are doing hard work healing, changing and growing. 
My prayer for you is that you know you are loved, and you matter!  You are fierce, loved, brilliant and... brave. Know that you were made to move mountains and... you CAN do hard things!
With Hope & Grace,


Denise Hernandez, NP

| Nurse Practitioner | Medication Managment |

MBH Wellness Clinic

Office Phone | 623. 476-7809 | Direct Fax | 623.321.8919

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Caitlin Skeens MS, LAC, PMH-C


 Caitlin specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Perinatal and Postnatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.


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Cailin is receiving direct clinical supervision while working toward independent licensure .
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Cailin is receiving direct clinical supervision while working toward independent licensure .

Laura Moore MS, LAC,CCTP
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Burberry Micah Lyon


 | Lead Dog Clinician |

Meet "Bur" he is Healing -Spectrum's very own emotional support animal. Bur's favorite part of his day is coming to work. Being able to help support &  love humans makes his heart smile. For more information about Bur, check out his "All About Me" on the back of his business cards. Burs favorite quote, " Just be pawsitive."